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I got glasses yesterday. They’re actually not on my face right now. They’re on my chest (and a world of good they’re doing for my poor, nearsighted boobs). I can’t decide what sucks more: wearing the glasses or not wearing the glasses.

Either way, I’m getting a headache (blurry vision/glasses pushing at my temples). My depth perception sucks in the glasses, but without them everything feels even blurrier than it did before I got them—I honestly think my eyes are adjusting to the glasses and therefore sucking more than before now that I have them.

Also I can see the glasses in my peripheral vision, which is annoying. And I don’t feel like me when I wear them. I now know why all my friends who got glasses never started actually wearing them until A) they forgot their contacts, or B) their vision got so shot they couldn’t get away with “just using them for distance” anymore.

On the bright side, I can do this now: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GlassesPull

And yes, I do it a lot. A LOT.

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